Saede P Maleki, CLU®, ChFC®

Wealth Management Advisor

Plan Now for Your Future

Financial success doesn't happen by chance. It has much more to do with choice. Transforming aspirations into actuality takes acumen, hard work, discipline and strategic financial planning.

When it’s a matter of planning for the future, realizing the need to take greater control over your financial life is the first step. Choosing someone who has the ability and resources to best address those needs is the next.

Business Partnership

Saede Maleki and Bryan Beauchamp have combined their talents and resources in order to provide greater benefit to their clients. Together, they have over 35 years of combined experience in providing exemplary solutions and valuable services to financial institutions, business owners and high-net-worth individuals.

Areas of Expertise

Leveraging complimentary skills and expertise, Saede Maleki and Bryan Beauchamp focus their efforts on:

  • Executive Benefits – attracting, rewarding and retaining key executives
  • Business Succession – strategies for long term business stability
  • Asset & Income Protection - protecting your family and estate
  • Wealth Accumulation - coordinated approach to achieving financial goals
  • Retirement Solutions - illustrative projections to assist with retirement options
  • Education Planning - planning to adequately fund college decisions

Team Members

To learn more about the team members, click on My Team.  Although each has a unique background and set of skills, they all share the same commitment – employ a rigorous standard of considering each client’s best interest as the driving force behind all recommendations.

Through their experience, Saede Maleki and Bryan Beauchamp are also wise enough to recognize that in certain situations, they do not possess the necessary level of expertise to provide an appropriate solution. Therefore, they collaborate with skilled accountants, attorneys, and other professional team members in a synergistic approach to help their clients create a more secure financial future. 

Plan Now for Your Future 

Financial success doesn't happen by chance. It has much more to do with choice. Transforming aspirations into actuality takes acumen, hard work, discipline and strategic financial planning.

To help clients achieve their objectives, Saede Maleki works to serve as a friend and an advocate. Life’s complexities leave little room for "standard" approaches, so Saede uses a four-step approach in working with his clients:


Wealth Optimization Circle
The first phase begins by thinking clearly about the problem. This is called the Discovery phase and this is where clarity is achieved around your goals and planning gaps are identified.
The second phase is the Creative Solutions phase where you think clearly about the solutions and make decisions regarding closing the planning gaps.
The third phase is the Strategy Deployment phase where you implement the solution and help achieve your desired results.
The final phase is the Results Management phase where we establish a plan to manage and implement the results. This assures you have confidence your plan will work over time.

Saede Maleki's planning process is unique –  he starts at a different plane than other advisors.  He starts above the planning horizon and focuses on helping you clarify your Mission, Vision, Values and Goals. 

Then he focuses on the issues below the horizon – Strategies, Tactics and Tools. 

By staying above the horizon and gaining clarity around your goals, Saede can help you make wise choices about the solutions below the planning horizon.

Working in the best interests of his clients is Saede's business, and he takes this role very seriously.

Whether you're concerned for your own planning needs, your family or your business, Saede Maleki can help you find the right answers. 

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